What Clients Have Said



“There is both an immediate and longer term impact from a dialogue about work and practice. The immediate is the relief of articulating and finding descriptors for what is being experienced and affecting me but which has remained unnamed and non- verbalised. Finding an echo and explanation from an experienced person is a tremendous help and at once created a calm. The longer term impact has been clarity about gifts and call; more purpose in the following of those gifts and that call and more focus and understanding on the things that have to be done and the ones which should be done.”

Ian Smith , Regional Leader


“We found the team development sessions very helpful and have plenty of things to explore further and action.”


“The Coaching sessions I took part in revealed to me my true potential, equipping me with the skills and discipline I needed to move forward.

Gerard clearly showed me how to advance in a way which was both realistic and achievable. The sessions show to you your own strengths and capabilities in a way which you will not have seen before, or thought possible.

I am genuinely indebted to Gerard and know that this time was one of the most pivotal points in my life.”

Adi, Professional Counselor

    PUBLIC SPEAKING: Business Event

“Gerard delivers a well grounded presentation that everybody can relate to. Gerard delivers in such a manner that engages his audience creates suspense and relieves the ‘suspense’ by giving knowledge and motivational tips ….  I was amazed by Gerard, the presentation was timed superbly, delivered professionally and left the audience emotionally inspired. It was a pleasure to be a spectator and would highly recommend it to my connections.  ”   

Nathan Eves, Marketing Guy Tactix for Business Ltd, 4N group leader


    “Has changed my attitude”

    “Listening better”

    “Learnt a lot”

    “Seeing my job with new eyes”

    “I like the phrase ‘tell me more…’

    “PDP was very helpful – my family have seen the difference.”


“I wish to express thanks to Gerard Pontier, the lecturer for these modules. I have found Gerard’s lectures extremely interesting and informative and his help throughout the modules invaluable. ” Debbie

“Thank you so much for all your help and support which I believe has contributed greatly to my being able to complete this course at this level.” Bridget G

“Gerard was very clear and put it across in a way that I understood. ” Clair R

“Gerard uses a range of techniques to keep the group engaged and is very informative, giving good explanations and welcoming questions.” John B

“I found Gerard to be approachable and always eager to help.” Jane D

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

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