What We Do

APAO works to strengthen the health, learning and development and performance of organisations.33788347-healthy-lifestyle-Stock-Vector-food

Each organization is unique so there is no one standardised solution. APAO use a variety of diagnostic principles and tools to research what the issues are that are negatively effecting the organization and then works with its clients to introduce bespoke interventions and solutions.

These interventions could be organization-wide, intergroup, group or individual and can include a variety of methods such as :

Appreciative inquiry group wide discussions to open up new understanding and possibilities

Psychometric testing – to grow in self-awareness and organizational learning. Type Dynamic Indicator (TDI) based on Jung’s personality types is a key tool.

Coaching  – helping executives and their employees achieve their personal and work goals

Training  – use learning needs assessments to design bespoke interventions to help grow your organization.

Belbin Team Roles methodology – for leaders and teams

Past Services include:

  • Facilitation of Board strategic review
  • Management and Leadership Development
  • Building Teams & aligned organisations
  • Performance management
  • Employee Engagement

Benefits: The facts for buillding healthy organisations speaks for itself. Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave” (Gallup) and “Offices with engaged employees are 43% more productive” (Hay Group) yet 53% of leaders create a demotivational working climate, (ILM EDGE Magazine May 2013)

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