Building Teams

ID-10018273As a certified user of Type-Mapping in Managing Teams and accredited Consultant of Belbin Team Roles*, I offer powerful learning and development tools and methodologies to increase the self-awareness of individuals and team members in their place of work.

Well researched & applied globally across a wide range of organisations – the results in improved self-awareness and team performance have proved their worth. Research indicates that interdependence and collaboration is one of the key skills required in the work place today. How much better when you know more how to maximize a teams effectiveness?

For example, the Objectives of the Interactive Day using Belbin Assessments are to:

  • Enhance the self-awareness of each business leader
  • Identify and promote the use of the natural motivations and talents of each individual
  • Identify the ingredients that make for high performing teams
  • Encourage participants to relate the learning points to their own work situations

Building Performing Teams is not a simple task and involves a combination of dynamics:

  • Team Vision and Roles
  • Managing conflict
  • Leadership styles
  • Possibly managing the team virtually or with team members from different cultures

Interested?   You would complete an online assessment & then get relevant reports and feedback…..

Key areas we advocate in building an organizational culture of high performing teams include:

  • building understanding in what engages staff
  • understanding the seasons in the life of a team
  • assessing the members team roles using Belbin
  • creating a coaching and mentoring culture
  • developing appropriate management and leadership skills, knowledge and behavior suitable to the team
  • talent management.
  • managing conflict

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*The Belbin Team Role approach has been synonymous with improving the efficiency of individuals and teams over the past 30 years.